Wide angle lens in Mercedes commercial

Mercedes launched a new advertising campaign, and I really like it. Watch the 30 sec commercial in the video below!

There is a sentence appearing repeatedly both in the video and on the billboards, it goes like this:

“I want you, I can be yours.”

The advertising campaign is aimed at young people, it is fresh, provocative and the above mentioned phrase has clearly a sexual subtext.

The photo above is used for the billboards, unfortunately it is without any text, so you have to trust me that there is the sentence: “I want you, I can be yours.”

Ok, at this point we know what the story is, what is the message. Let’s look now how it is told.

Wide angle lens

The photo above was taken with wide angle lens. Wide angle lens distort the image (the wider the lens the bigger the distortion). Straight lines are curved and physical dimensions are exaggerated. This effect is clearly visible, if you get close with wide angle lens to your subject.

Now, because of the wide angle lens, the car is optically distorted. If you look at the image again, it seems like the car is popping out, trying to reach you. And I think this is exactly what they wanted!

Additionally, I did a quick test to see a comparison between wide angle lens and telephoto lens.

For me, the telephoto lens doesn’t convey the message. I like the telephoto version a lot actually, but I think it does convey a different message. Maybe something like this:

What do you think?

If you are interested in this topic, I encourage you to write a comment.

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