Hello! My name is Jan Stripek, I am the guy on the left.  I’ve started writing this blog to connect (with) like-minded individuals passionate about cinematic storytelling.

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Writing for CINEMA SHOCK

Would you be interested in writing an article (200-500 words) about cinematic storytelling for this blog? If yes, send me email at janstripek@gmail.com.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. It would be great to get a bigger community atmosphere! So far you are the only one on the whole of wordpress that I have found that has the remotest interest in writing about and discussing the same things I do. I monitor the tags “American Beauty” as well as a few other interesting ones to see what people are writing about them.. but there is actually very surprisingly very little of our type of analysis.

  2. it appears we are growing. I thought I was the only one (well of course it’s not true) who was extremely interested in breaking down cinematic language, but now I’ve found this place too. Awesome work, you’re doing things I love doing – helps better grasp cinema when you reverse engineer it and write about it.

  3. Hi Jan. I hope all is well with you. Still writing? What are you up to these days. Best wishes, Andrew. -PS Best film of 2019: Vivarium

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